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   A Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Bodywork Studio Located in Moab, Utah


Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.
Offering an intuitive, integrative and holistic approach to your wellbeing.




Thank you for checking out Rising Sun Healing Arts!


      I am Meagan Coy, a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher. I have created Rising Sun Healing Arts as an evolvement of my work in different natural therapeutic modalities. I dove into my yoga teacher training journey in 2008, I have been licensed and offering massage therapy since 2016 and completed my practitioner training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in 2023.

     My goal for my healing arts practice is to be able to facilitate and hold space for my clients in order to help discomfort and trauma to be released, and allow a deep sense of balance and relaxation to settle into their body, mind and soul. I do not believe that healing and bodywork should be a "one size fits all" approach. Every person has their own unique thing going on, and therefore, I feel that an integrative approach to each individual is important. I enter a session getting centered in myself, and with a grounded mind and open heart, I get a sense for what can be applied to each person in order to enhance the healing potential. 

     Through continuous studying and practice, I feel that I have developed a keen sense of observation, intuition and body awareness that is effective in my approach to working with others. I have also become very drawn towards working with women and babies during the pre and post-natal experience of their journey, and am thrilled to be offering services geared towards that as well.

     I invite you to explore the website and offerings that I have available. Whatever type of session you choose to receive, I like to sprinkle in other types of therapeutic techniques to help support a holistic approach to mind-body wellness. I believe this creates a really well-rounded journey for each person. 


*700hr training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with the Giving Touch School of Massage in Grand Junction, CO

*Registered Therapist through the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.

*Massage Therapy School with U.S. Career Institute in Fort Collins, CO 

*Level 1 & 2 training with the Thai Massage Institute in Denver, Colorado. 

*Abdominal Chi Massage and Dynamic Rocking Thai Massage training with the Blue Lotus School in Chaing Mai, Thailand

*Yoga Teacher Training with Sunstone Yoga in Plano, TX 

*Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Level 1


"As the sun rises each day, it brings with it potential for growth and change along life's journey. I view our wellness journey the same way; allowing each session to potentially bring deep change to your health and wellbeing."

"I have been going to Meagan for massage therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral practice sessions for several years. I love all the different modalities that she uses and they have been so useful for me. I've enjoyed the variety of things that are incorporated into each session. Meagan is very grounded and calm and has the most healing hands"

Susan Baffico, Moab, UT

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